2017 Wednesday, August 16 Dairy Judging

Dairy Judging Jr’s

  1. Tyler Day-BarnStormers-Trophy -Shur-Gain USA, Inc.
  2. Becca Stroud-3 + 2
  3. Phoebe Conklin-Castile Country Kids

Jr. Club

1.Castile Country Kids

2.3 +2

3. Silver Springs Salts


Dairy Judging Sr’s

1.Allison Herrick-Barnstormers-Trophy-Ransom Rail Farms

2.Danielle Herrick-Barnstormers

3.Tucker True-Half-Way


Sr. Clubs


2.Southern Rebels

3.3 +2


Livestock/Goat Judging Contest-8/16/17

Jr. Winners

1.Madelyn Olin

2.Phoebe Conklin

3.Ava Sylvester



1.Ada Sylvester

2.Ashley Logsdon

3.Hannah Spicer


Jr. Champion Judge:

Goat Judges:

Jr.Champion Judge:Emma Darocha-Trophy by the DuBoy Family

Sr.Champion Judge-Ada Sylvester-Trophy by Dave Shearing and Family