2019 Super Cruise


1st place-Doug Pringle-Warsaw, 1951 Pontiac

2nd Place-Norm and Pat Dziedizc-Arcade, 1957 Chevy

3rd Place-Pat Roggan-Caledonia, 1939 Chrysler

4th Place-Paul Hatch-Fillmore, 1968 AMC

5th Place- Marie and Marty Brennan, 1939 Chevy


1st Place-Sue Robins-Fillmore, 1994 Chevy

2nd Place-Alan Mills-Portageville, 1963 Ford

3rd Place-Gene Loomis- Warsaw, 1939 Bantam


1st Place-Mark Stromeski Sr.-Farmerville Sta., 2002 Harley Davidson

2nd Place- Lucy Beardslee- Warsaw, 2000 Yamaha