2018 Gymkhana


Wyoming County Champion Gymkhana

Desi Davis-Friendship, NY

High Point Senior

Desk Davis-Friendship NY

High Point Youth

Shannon Schneider-Attica,NY

Zackary Russell

High Point Pony

Emily Bohlen-Warsaw,NY

2018Light Super Stock Empire State Pullers (Friday Evening)

  • Light Super Stock- PULLS CANCELLED

1st place-

2nd place-

3rd place-

Super Farm Stock

1st place-

2nd place-

3rd Place-

Modified Tractors

1st place-

2nd place-

3rd place-

Heavy Super Stock

1st place-

2nd place-

3rd place-



2018 English High Point

High Point Walk-Trot English Division-Brooke Jurek-Warsaw,NY

Trophy Donated by Homer’s Hoof Trimming

High Point Novice English Division-Emily Warriner

Trophy Donated by Cheryl George

High Point Junior English Division-Lauren Schmieder-Attica

Trophy Donated by 77 Construction

High Point Senior English Division

Farley Crow-Varysburg NY


2017 Department H Dairy Show

Supreme Champion-Elizabeth Peila

Trophy Donor-Nelson&Kay Todd

Junior Supreme Champion-Ashton Wilcox

Trophy Donor-Out on a Limb Maple Farms LLC

Grand Champion Ayrshire-Ashton Wilcox

Trophy Donor-Cory & Maryann and Almeter

Grand Champion Brown Swiss-Andrew Newell

Trophy Donor-Jeff & Stacia True

Grand Champion Jersey-Rebecca Stroud

Trophy Donor-Niagara Frontier Jersey

Grand Champion Grade Jersey-Jenna Brace

Trophy Donor-Roger & Debbie Ellis & family

Grand Champion Milking Shorthorn-Elizabeth Peila

Trophy Donor-4-H Dairy Committee

Grand Champion Holstein-Elizabeth Peila

Trophy Donor-Wyoming County  Holstein Club

Grand Champion Grade Holstein-Addison Harkins

Trophy Donor-Vigortone Products

Best Animal Bred by Exhibitor,Sr.-Angela George

Trophy Donor-Nelson & Kay Todd

Best Animal bred by Exhibitor,Jr.-Elora Washington

Trophy Donor-Dr. Tony Wiseley







2017 Dept J Farm Products

Grand Champion-Potatoes

Reserve Grand Champion-Potatoes

Grand Champion-Vegetables

Reserve Grand Champion-Vegetables

Grand Champion-Apple Plate

Reserve Grand Champion-Apple Plate

Grand Champion-1st Cut Alfalfa

Grand Champion-Corn more than 90 days

Grand Champion-1st Cut


Grand Champion-Shreadlage



Maple Products

Best of Show

Grand Champion

Reserve Champion





2018 Dept X Garden Tractor Pull

Stock off the Lawn
1.Keegan Baker- Gainesville

1.Destiney Gebauer-Castile

Sport Stock
1.Frank Burkett from Grand Island

Stock Altered
1.Paul VanValkenburg-LeRoy

1. Kyle Carmichael-Cowelsville

Pro Stock
1. Georgie Miller-Cowelsville

Super Modified
Tom Ronson from Middleport

Stock V-8
1.Cody Wise-Nunda

V-8 Mini Rod

Second Flower Show 2018

Dept K. Best of Show:

Fresh Arrangement

children under 12

Camaden Milhollen

Fresh Arrangement-Adult

Bernie Halstead-Perry


Garden Plants

Garden of Annuals and Perennials
Donna Gloff

Cut Flowers


Jan Osborne-


2017 Educational Booths Department H

1st- Castile Country Kids 4-H Club
2nd-Master Builders 4-H Lego Club
3rd-The Zoo Crew 4-H Club

1st-Pioneer Central FFA
2nd-C.G May FFA
3rd-Attica FFA

2018 Fireman’s Parade

Section A-In County
Best Appearing over 24

Section B
Best Appearing 16-24

Section C
Best Appearing 4-15
1.North Java

Section D
Most Men in Line


Section E
Coming Longest Distance

Section F
Junior Fire Department


Section G-Out of County
A.Most Men in Line

B.Best Appearing
1.Chaffee Sardinia

Section H
A.Antique-Hand Drawn


B. Antique Motorized

C. Pumper/Aerial

1. North Java

E.Equipment/Grass Brush

F. Squad/Utility
2.Perry Center

Section I. New Equipment

Section J.Fire Department Color Guard

Section K-Out of County Equipment
A. Modern- 6 years or over

B. Modern-under 5 years
1.Wiscoy Rossburg

C. Antique

Grand Marshall Trophy
Wyoming Hook &Ladder
John A Jack Moore

Fireman’s Trophy

Ladies Auxiliary

Adult and Fireman’s Band

High School Band
1.Attica Central School

American Legion Color Guard

1.Six Star Post #637


2017 Meat Animal Lamb Show

Grand Champion Showman
Kelsey O’Hare

Resereve Champion Showman
Alyssa King

Grand Champion Meat Animal Lamb
Delaney Furr

Reserve Champion Meat Amimal Lamb
Kelsey O’Hare

4-H Sheep Show

Senior Showmanship Kelsey O’Hare from Arcade Sheep Farm, Attica Trophy Donor-Reisdorf FamilyJunior Showmanship
Gregory Loper from Nunda
Trophy Donor-Sage&Kreutter family in Memory of RonNovice Showmanship
Ashlyn Hackett
Trophy Donor-In Memory of Dave and Laura Tracy,PavilionSuper Showmanship
Kelsey O’Hare from Arcade
Trophy Donor-S&T Tunis, HuntSenior Halter Showmanship
Emelyn Bell
RibbonJunior Halter Showmanship
Gregory Loper from Nunda
RibbonChampion Halter Showmanship
Emelynn Bell
Trophy Donor-Tim & Polly Huff of Perry
In Memory of Tabitha HuffGrand Champion Cotswold Ewe
Lucas Schenk
RibbonReserve Grand Champion Cotswold Ewe
Lucas Schenk
RibbonGrand Champion Cotswold Ram
Lucas Schenk
RibbonGrand Champion Grade Fiber Ewe
Sophia Bookmiller
RibbonReserve Grand Champion Grade Fiber Ewe
MaryGrace Schenk
RibbonGrand Champion Hampshire Ewe
Katelyn O’Hare from Arcade
RibbonReserve Grand Chanmpion Hampshire Ewe
Katelyn O’Hare from Arcade
RibbonGrand Champion Hampshire Ram
Katelyn O’Hare from Arcade
RibbonGrand Champion Natural Colored Ewe
Mary Jane Mathis
RibbonReserve Grand Champion Natural Colored Ewe
Ashlyn Hackett
RibbonGrand Champion Romney Ram
Ashlyn Hackett
RibbonGrand Champion Tunis Ewe
Gregory Loper from NundaReserve Champion Tunis Ewe
Jenna Loper from Nunda
RibbonGrand Champion Tunis Ram
Gregory Loper from NundaReserve Grand Tunis Ram
Jenna Loper from Nunda
RibbonGrand Champion Whether Sire Ewe
Kelsy O’Hare from Arcade
RibbonReserve Grand Champion Whether Sire Ewe
Kelsey O’Hare from Arcade
RibbonGrand Champion Whether Sire Ram
Kelsey O’Hare form Arcade
RibbonGrand Champion Market Lamb
Maddilyn Durfee from Attica
RibbonReserve Grand Champion Market Lamb
Cameron Durfee from Attica



Trophy Donor Award Winner

Fair Queen Contest 2018

  • Miss Oral Communications

2nd Runner-up
Miss Allison
Sponsored by Silver Lake Marine

1st Runner-up
Miss Rachael
Sponsored by Jim’s Five Star Services

Miss Carleigh
Sponsored byAmerican Rod Technology

Miss Community Service

2nd Runner-up
Miss Rachael
Sponsored by Jim’s Five Star Service

1st Runner-up
Miss Allison
Sponsored by Silver Lake Marine

Miss Carleigh
Sponsored by American Rod Technology

Miss Talent

2nd Runner-up
Miss Carleigh
Sponsored by American Rod Technology

1st Runner-up
Miss Brianna
Sponsored by Suzan’s Image Pizzaz

Miss Allison
Sponsored by Silver Lake Marine

Miss Congeniality

Miss Allison Karasiewicz
Sponsored by Silver Lake Marine

Superintendent’s Award

Miss Rachael Cedrone
Sponsored by Jim’s Five Star Service

Wyoming County Fair Queen

2nd Runner-up
Miss Rachael Cedrone
Sponsored by Jim’s Five Star Service

1st Runner-up
Miss Allison Karasiewicz
Sponsored by Silver Lake Marine

Miss Carleigh Minor
Sponsored by American Rod Technology

Dept J- 2017 Wine Awards

Grand Champion
Joe Gozelski
Silver Springs NY

Reserve Grand Champion
Joe Gozelski
Silver Springs NY

Judges Choice
Joe Gozelski
Silver Springs NY

2018 Commercial Exhibits

Class 1-Non-Profit or Informational

    1. 1st-Livingston-Wyoming ARC


    1. 2nd-Wyoming County health Department


    3rd-Light House Station

Class 2-Non Farm Over $100

  1. 1st place-Ed Hulme INC
    2nd place-Bath Fitter
    3rd place-ParkSide Counters & Wood

Class 3-Farm Over $100

  1. 1st place-RS Maher & Sons
    2nd place-Sage Family Maple
    3rd place-Land Pro

Class 4-Selling Services or Product

  • 1st place- Bank Of Castile
  • 2nd place-Reisdorf Brothers
  • 3rd place-Silver Lake Electric

Class 5-Selling Products on Premises less than $100

    1. 1st place- Masons Fudge

2nd place-Creekside Fabrics
3rd place- Quilter’s Daughter

Grand Parade 2018

Class A. Adult Organizations

1. Hope Foundation for Wyoming County
2.Oatka Valley Snowmobile Association
3Partners For Prevention
4.ARC for Livingston-Wyoming County

Class B. 4-H Floats

  1. 4-P”s
  2. Wyoming County Shooting Sports
  3. Southern Rebels
  4. Pike Crazy Country Kids

Class C. 4-H Horses

  1. Saddleblister

Class D.1. Commericial Floats

  1. Paddocks Breeding
  2. DeLaval
  3. Meeder Farms
  4. McCormick Farms

Class D.2. Commericial-Consumer Based

  1. Carney’s Market
  2. Eastside Automotive
  3. little Debbies Childcare
  4. Haunted Hayride

Class E. Youth Organizations

  1. Attica FFA
  2. Oatka Valley Girl Scouts
  3. Upstate Farms-Future FFA
  4. Pike Winter Carnival

Class F. Decorated Queen Vehicle

First Place

  • Miss Allison

Section 2. High School Band

  1. Attica Band

Open Horse Show 2017


Walk Trot:
Walk-Trot High Point
Brooke Jurek

Youth High Point
Lauren Schmeider

Senior High Point English
Allison Karasiewicz

Open Western Show
Sunday,August 13,2017

Senior High Point
Allison Karasiewicz

Youth High Point
Lauren Schemider

Walk -Jog High Point
Stephanie Silvernail
Attica, NY

Sunday,August 13,2017
Wyoming County Fair Champion
Collin Davis

Sr. High Point
Collin Davis

Youth High Point
Haley Hunter

Pony High Point
Morgan Wright

Performance Tractor Pull -8/11/18

Tractor Max PTO HP 55
Mason Merlau,Java Center

Tractor Max PTO HP 80
Mason Merlau-Java Center

Tractor  Max HP 105-Non Turbo
Jason Evans, Fillmore

Tractor Turbo Max HP 105
Leon Perry,Corfu

Tractor,Max PTO 120 Turbo

Daryl Keem,Chaffee

Tractor Max PTO HP 140 Turbo Class

Josh Pattridge,Bliss

Tractor Enhanced Unlimited HP

Sam Shearing,Silver Springs

Tractor over 140 HP

Jared Bliss,Bliss

Tractor Enhanced Unlimited HP

Sam Shearing, Silver Springs

Truck, Wheel Drive Street Legal Diesel



Talent Show 2018

  • Junior Vocal

<1st place-Gabrielle Pfeiffer-Silver Springs

2nd place-Grace Smith-Silver Springs


Senior Vocal

1st place-Trinity Fanaro -Wyoming

2nd place-Issac Strusinski-Warsaw

3rd place-Kelly Flint-Pike


Junior Instrumental

1st place-Emily Warriner from Perry

Senior Instrumental

1st place-Rebekah and Hanna Spicer from Pavilion

2nd place-Sydney Simmons and Regan Druma-Castile-Perry-

Junior Miscellaneous

1st place-Isabelle &Lauren Carmichael-Silver Springs

2nd place-Emma Pfeiffer-Silver Springs

Senior Miscellaneous

1st Place-Alissa & Emma Pfeiffer-Silver Springs

2nd place-Margot Sovocool-Varysburg

3rd place-Sarah Andrews-Pike & Emily Naylor-Perry


1st place-Adalyn Mitchell,Paisley Beachy,Gabriella Cino-Silver Springs

2nd Place-Curtis Moyer,Emily Campbell,Tracie Campbell-Gainesville

Superintendent’s Award

For presentation of an overall complete act

Trinity Fanaro-Wyoming

4-H Swine Show

Trophy Donor Award Winner
Showmanship 16 Years of Age & Older Keemdale Farms of Styrkersville, in memory of Paul Keem Michaela Emerling, Perry
Showmanship 14 & 15 Years of Age Shur-Gain USA, Inc. of Strykersville Bailey Fisher, Leicester
Showmanship 12 & 13 Years of Age Triple R Farm, in memory of Bob Reisdorf Macie Noel, Bliss
Showmanship 10 & 11 Years of Age Randy & Cindy Starr of Wyoming Jared Weixlmann, Arcade
Showmanship 8 & 9 Years of Age Car-Mar-Lu Farm, the Richard Keem Farm of East Aurora in honor of T.J. Flanigan Olivia Swyers, Perry
Super Showmanship Half-Way 4-H Club in memory of Rick Kostrzebski Macie Noel, Bliss
Reserve Super Showmanship Michaela Emerling, Perry
Grand Champion Market Hog New York Pork Producers Natalie Emerling, Perry
Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog Emerling Farms of Perry Emily Ruiz, Perry
Grand Champion Gilt Churchhill Farm, the Dutton Family of Holland Cody Noel, Chaffee
Reserve Grand Champion Gilt Austin Noel, Chaffee