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Wyoming County Fair cancelled for 2020 due to the uncertainy of the timing for the reopening of Fairs under New York State’s Phase IV for mass gatherings.


2019 Garden Tractor Pull

Stock off the Lawn

1st-Noah Burggmann-Attica


1st-Logan Kingsten-Geneseo

Sport Stock

1st-Devan Gebauer-Castile

Pro Stock

1st-Georgie Miller


1st- Charlie Burdick

Super Modified

1st-Tom Ronson

Stock V-8

1st- Nick Zandrowski-North Java

V-8 Mini Rod

1st-Shawn Richardson-North Java

Stock Altered

1st-Paul VanValkenburg-LeRoy

2019 Flowers (Wednesday)

Cut Flowers

1st place-William Bush-Pike

Garden Plant/Hanging Plant

1st Place-Laura Regatuso

Fresh Arrangement

1st Place-“A Cabin in the Woods”-Joann Flint-Pavilion

2019 Firemen’s Parade

Best Appearing Over 20 Men


Best Appearing 11-20 in Uniform



3rd-North Java

Best Appearing 4-10 in Uniform

1st-Perry Center



Most Men in Line



Junior Fire Department



Coming Longest Distance


Out of County Most Men in Line


2nd-Chaffee Sardinia

Out of County Best Appearing

1st-Chaffee Sardinia



Antique Hand Drawn


Antique Motorized

1st-Silver Springs

2nd- Silver Springs







Equipment/Grass & Brush



Squad Utility

1st-Perry Center


Equipment New 2 years & Under

1st-Harris Corners

Fire Dept Color Guard


Equipment Out of the County

Modern 6 years & Over

1st Place-Leicester


Modern 5 years & Under

1st Place-Nunda


Antique Hand Drawn or Motorized



Firemen’s Trophy Greatest % in Line

1.North Java

Ladies Auxiliary Best Appearing

1st Place-Perry

Adult & Firemen’s Band


High School Band

1st-Attica High School

American Legion Color Guard

1st- Wyoming County American Legion

2019 Grand Parade

Adult Organizations

1st-Oatka Valley Snowmobilers

2nd-Hope Foundation for Wyoming County

3rd-Warsaw Historical Society

4th-Partners for Prevention

4-H Floats

1st-Wyoming County Shooting Sports

2nd-Zoo Crew

3rd-4 P’s

4th-Pike Crazy Country Kids

4-H Horses

1st- Saddle Busters

Commercial-Ag & Home Improvement Based

1st-Extreme Contracting

2nd-Paddocks Breeding Service


4th-CSS Farms

Commercial-Consumer Based

1st-Craig’s Cheese

2nd-Holland Lumber Co.

3rd-Little Debbie’s Infant Care

4th-Cortney Rowley

Other Volunteer Organizations

1st -Pike Winter Carnival

2nd -Pioneer FFA

3rd -Letchworth FFA

4th -Oatka Valley Girl Scouts

Decorated Queen Vehicle

1st-Miss Bailey

2nd-Miss Brooke

High School Bands

1st-Attica High School Band

2019 Photography

Best of Show-Youth-Black and White Portrait

Isabelle Talley-Silver Springs

Youth-Color Portrait

Maddyn Miller-Castile

Adult-Best of Show

Debbie Collins-Landscape-Arcade

Runner Up-Caleb Lehman-Arcade

2019 Commercial Exhibits

Class 1-Non -Profit or Informational

  1. Liv-Wyo ARC

2. Wyoming County Community Hospital

Class 2-Non Farm Over $100


2. Ed Hulme Inc.

3.Silver Lake Marine

Class 3-Farm Over $100

1.Larry Romance and Sons

2. Land Pro

3.Kellys Garage

Class 4- Selling Service/Product off Premises

  1. East Side Nursing Home
  2. Reisdorf Brothers
  3. Neighbor to Neighbor News

Class 5- Selling Product on Premises less than $100

1.Quilt’s Daughter

2.Wyoming County Maple Producers

3. Creekside Fabric and Quilts

2019 Western Gymkhana

Wyoming County fair Gymkhana Champion

Kenz Bostwick-Friendship

Senior High Point Game Horse

Kenz Bostwick-Friendship

Youth High Point Game Horse

Shannon Schmeider-Attica

Pony High Point Game Horse

Alivia Cartwright-Portageville

2019 Wyoming County Fair Queen

Miss Oral Communications- Miss Brooke sponsored by Luke Hackett Masonry

Miss Community Service-Miss Brooke sponsored by Luke Hackett Masonry

Miss Talent-Miss Taryn sponsored by McClurgs Auto

Miss Congeniality- Miss Bailey sponsored by Logwell Trucking

2nd Runner Up-Miss Bailey sponsored by Logwell Trucking

1st Runner Up-Miss Taryn sponsored by McClurgs Auto

2019 Fair Queen- Miss Brooke-sponsored by Luke Hackett Masonry


Senior High Point English Performance-Renae Gozelski-Castile

Youth High Point English Performance-Sarah Cox-Warsaw


Fresh Arrangement

1st Place-Bernadette Halstead-Perry

House Plant

Donna Gloff-Castile

Garden Plants- Laura Regatuso-Silver Springs


Tractor max PTO 55

1st Place- Dwight Hess-Attica

2nd Place-Kirk Williams

Tractor max PTO HP 80

1st Place-Mason Merlau-Java Center

2nd Place-Logan Williams-Machias

1st Place-Wayne Meeder-Bliss

Tractor max PTO HP 105 Non-Turbo

2nd Place-Dylan Owens-Farmersville

Tractor max PTO HP 105

1st Place-George Foote-Gainesville

2nd Place-Wayne Meeder-Bliss

Tractor max PTO HP 90-Turbo

1st Place-George Foote-Gainesville

2nd Place-Pat Holton

Tractor Max PTO HP 120-Turbo

1st Place-Daryl Keem-Arcade

2nd Place-Marty Keem-Arcade

Tractor max PTO HP 140 Turbo

1st Place-Jim Perry-Corfu

2nd Place-Daryl Keem-Arcade

Tractor Enhanced Unlimited HP

1st Place-Josh Patridge-Bliss

2nd Place-Trevor Holton-Arcade

Tractor over 140 HP

1st Place-Jim Perry-Corfu

2nd Place-Garrett Keem-Arcade

Tractor Enhanced Unlimited HP

1st Place-Trevor Holton-Arcade

2nd Place-Josh Patridge

Truck, 4 wheel drive street legal diesel

1st Place-Jeremy Harder-Castile

2nd Place-Rob Harder-Attica


Best of Section

Baked Foods- Janet Berkemeir-Pecan Pie

Preserved Foods-Janet Berkemeir-Pickled Vegetables

Knitting/Crochet-Rachel Taylor-Shawl

Other Needlework-Pat Hendrickson-counted cross stitch

Sewing-Cathy Hinze- Wedding Gown

Quilts- Val Werner-Crazy Quilt

Creative Arts-Matthew Liebler-painting-Forest Fire

Wood- Janet Werner-carved mouse in a boot

2019 Senior Western Pleasure

Senior High Point-Jamie Klein-Alden

Youth Western Pleasure

Youth High Point-Brooke DeGroff-Castile

Walk-Jog High Point-Marina Cox-Warsaw

2019 Super Cruise


1st place-Doug Pringle-Warsaw, 1951 Pontiac

2nd Place-Norm and Pat Dziedizc-Arcade, 1957 Chevy

3rd Place-Pat Roggan-Caledonia, 1939 Chrysler

4th Place-Paul Hatch-Fillmore, 1968 AMC

5th Place- Marie and Marty Brennan, 1939 Chevy


1st Place-Sue Robins-Fillmore, 1994 Chevy

2nd Place-Alan Mills-Portageville, 1963 Ford

3rd Place-Gene Loomis- Warsaw, 1939 Bantam


1st Place-Mark Stromeski Sr.-Farmerville Sta., 2002 Harley Davidson

2nd Place- Lucy Beardslee- Warsaw, 2000 Yamaha

2018 Dept V Draft Horse Show

  • Class 1-Single Mini Pony
  • Stephanie Silvernail-Attica

Class 2-Single Draft Horse

2018 Western Open HorseShow

Senior High Point

Emily Boldt – Stafford,NY


Youth High Point

Sarah Cox-Warsaw,NY


Walk Jog High Point

Brooke Jurek-Warsaw,NY

2018 Empire State Pullers (Saturday Evening)

  • Light Super Stock

1st place-Ben Clark-The Apparatus

2nd place- Henry Everman-Forced Decision

3rd place-Randy Weaver-Interceptor

Super Farm Stock

1st place-Ken Fisher-Back N Black

2nd place-Ron Dennison-Red Dog

3rd place-Tom Wasik- Wild Card

Heavy Super Stock

1st place-Rick Eakins-

2nd place-Henry Everman-Forced Decision

3rd-Mark Hootman-Hooters Scooter

  • Modified
    1st place-Don Telaak-Go Rilla
    2nd-Tom Duggan-Road Runner
    3rd place-Dana Freeman- Hammer Time

2018 Gymkhana


Wyoming County Champion Gymkhana

Desi Davis-Friendship, NY

High Point Senior

Desk Davis-Friendship NY

High Point Youth

Shannon Schneider-Attica,NY

Zackary Russell

High Point Pony

Emily Bohlen-Warsaw,NY

2018Light Super Stock Empire State Pullers (Friday Evening)

  • Light Super Stock- PULLS CANCELLED

1st place-

2nd place-

3rd place-

Super Farm Stock

1st place-

2nd place-

3rd Place-

Modified Tractors

1st place-

2nd place-

3rd place-

Heavy Super Stock

1st place-

2nd place-

3rd place-