2018 Western Open HorseShow

Senior High Point

Emily Boldt – Stafford,NY


Youth High Point

Sarah Cox-Warsaw,NY


Walk Jog High Point

Brooke Jurek-Warsaw,NY

2018 Empire State Pullers (Saturday Evening)

  • Light Super Stock

1st place-Ben Clark-The Apparatus

2nd place- Henry Everman-Forced Decision

3rd place-Randy Weaver-Interceptor

Super Farm Stock

1st place-Ken Fisher-Back N Black

2nd place-Ron Dennison-Red Dog

3rd place-Tom Wasik- Wild Card

Heavy Super Stock

1st place-Rick Eakins-

2nd place-Henry Everman-Forced Decision

3rd-Mark Hootman-Hooters Scooter

  • Modified
    1st place-Don Telaak-Go Rilla
    2nd-Tom Duggan-Road Runner
    3rd place-Dana Freeman- Hammer Time

2018 Gymkhana


Wyoming County Champion Gymkhana

Desi Davis-Friendship, NY

High Point Senior

Desk Davis-Friendship NY

High Point Youth

Shannon Schneider-Attica,NY

Zackary Russell

High Point Pony

Emily Bohlen-Warsaw,NY

2017 Horse and Mini Pull

Horse Light

1st place-Francis Root-Bolivar

2nd place-Donnie Middaugh Jr.-Belfast

3rd place-Lori Root-Bolivar

Horses Heavy,Boat Pull

1st place-Don  Leilous-Shinglehouse,PA

2nd place-Rusty Milhollen-Leicester

3rd place-Francis Root-Bolivar

Mini Horse-32″ or less

1st place-Lester Wolfer

2nd place-Doug Seymour

Mini Horse-34″

1st place-Milton Wolfer

2nd place-Lester Wolfer

Mini Horse-36″

1st place-Garrett Ward

2nd place-Doug Seymour

Mini Horse- 38″

1st place-Garrett Ward

2nd place-Doug Seymour

Mini Horse-40″

1st place-Doug Seymour

2nd place-Willard Covert

2018Light Super Stock Empire State Pullers (Friday Evening)

  • Light Super Stock- PULLS CANCELLED

1st place-

2nd place-

3rd place-

Super Farm Stock

1st place-

2nd place-

3rd Place-

Modified Tractors

1st place-

2nd place-

3rd place-

Heavy Super Stock

1st place-

2nd place-

3rd place-



2017 4-H Dog Officials

Rally Obedience Advanced

1st place-Emma Barkley

Rally Obedience Excellent

1st place-Abigail Skillman

Rally Obedience Novice A

1st PlaceCharlotte Nickerson

Rally Obedience Novice B

1st Place-Phylissa Mitzel

Excellent Agility

1st Place-Abigail Skillman

Novice Agility

1st Place-Phylissa Mitzel

Pre-Novice I Agility

1st Place-Abby Lewandowski

Pre-Novice II Agility

1st Place-Lea White



2017 Wednesday, August 16 Dairy Judging

Dairy Judging Jr’s

  1. Tyler Day-BarnStormers-Trophy -Shur-Gain USA, Inc.
  2. Becca Stroud-3 + 2
  3. Phoebe Conklin-Castile Country Kids

Jr. Club

1.Castile Country Kids

2.3 +2

3. Silver Springs Salts


Dairy Judging Sr’s

1.Allison Herrick-Barnstormers-Trophy-Ransom Rail Farms

2.Danielle Herrick-Barnstormers

3.Tucker True-Half-Way


Sr. Clubs


2.Southern Rebels

3.3 +2


Livestock/Goat Judging Contest-8/16/17

Jr. Winners

1.Madelyn Olin

2.Phoebe Conklin

3.Ava Sylvester



1.Ada Sylvester

2.Ashley Logsdon

3.Hannah Spicer


Jr. Champion Judge:

Goat Judges:

Jr.Champion Judge:Emma Darocha-Trophy by the DuBoy Family

Sr.Champion Judge-Ada Sylvester-Trophy by Dave Shearing and Family


2017 Western Division Trophy Donors and Winners

Champion WalkTrot/Walk Jog Trail Class-Reagan Bannister

Donated by Bob & Lori Todd

Champion Novice Trail Class-Samantha Syracuse

Donated by Cheryl George

Champion Junior Trail Class– Brooke DeGroff

Donated by Seewaldt Apiaries

Champion Senior Trail Class-Megan Armbrust

Donated by Lois Zufall

Walk-Trot/Walk-Jog Champion Showmanship at Halter-Shannon Schnmieder

Donated by Countryside Kennels

Champion Novice Showmanship-Emily Warriner

Donated by Laura & Pat Feldman

Champion Junior Showmanship at Halter-Brooke DeGroff

Donated by Ray & Donna Post

Champion Senior Showmanship at Halter-Lauren Gozelski

Donated by Norb Sylor

Versatility-Megan Armburst

Donated by Bridgeman Stables

Champion Pleasure Driving-Madison Drysdale

Donated by the Ikeler Family

Champion Reinsmanship-Madison Drysdale

Donated by Lucky  Us Miniature Horses

Champion Driving Obstacles-Alivia Cartwright

Donated by Lucky Us Miniature Horses

Champion Senior Western Command-Hannah Mower

Donated by Ray & Donna Post

Champion Junior Western Command-Lilia Toland

Donated by Ellen Chandler

Champion Sr. Western Pairs-Rachael Hinz and Allsion Diver

Donated by Ellen Chandler

Champion Jr. Western Pairs-Sydney Swatland and Makayla Bohlen

Donated by Gary and Patti Hume

High Point Walk-Jog Western Division-Shannon Schmeider

Donated by Homer’s Hoof Triming

High Point Novice Western Division-Emily Warriner

Donated by Cheryl George

High Point Jr. Western Division-Courtney Schum

Donated by Dick and Sue Reisdorf

High Point Sr. Western Division-Lauren Gozelski

Donated by Dick and Bobbie Maher

High Point Pony Western Division-Nicole Jarnot

Donated by the Charles Seewaldt Family

Costume Class-Most Humorous-Madelyn Burger

Donated by 77 Construction

Costume Class-Patriotic-Megan Armburst and Courtney Schum
Donated by 77 Construction

Costume Class-Creative-Lauren and Shannon Schmeider

Donated by 77 Construction

Costume Class- 4-H Spirit-Natalie DeMarco and Renee Gates

Donated by Pam Washington


2018 English High Point

High Point Walk-Trot English Division-Brooke Jurek-Warsaw,NY

Trophy Donated by Homer’s Hoof Trimming

High Point Novice English Division-Emily Warriner

Trophy Donated by Cheryl George

High Point Junior English Division-Lauren Schmieder-Attica

Trophy Donated by 77 Construction

High Point Senior English Division

Farley Crow-Varysburg NY


Department H-Stabling Clubs 2017

  1. Lucky “Us”
  2. Midnight Meadow Riders
  3. Flying Hooves
  4. Hayburners
  5. Saddle Blisters
  6. Sidekicks
  7. Renegade Riders
  8. Rockin’ Rodeo Riders
  9. Wild Riders

Stabling Independent

1.Allison Karasiwiecz

1..Lauren Gozelski

2.Katy Terry

3.Kali Wright

4.Montana Copeland

5.Brooke DeGroff

6.Cherie Glosser

6.Bianca Hare

7.Jamie Krenzer

8.Ally Ackerman

9.Stella Glosser

10.Sarah Cox

11.Charlotte Booke


Department H-Goat Show

Master Showman-Brooke Tillinghast

Reserve Master Showman-Ada Sylvester

Best Dam & Daughter Pair-Brooke Tillinghast

Trophy Donor-Karen & David DuBoy

Best of Breed Alpine-Brooke Tillinghast

Best of Breed Exotic-Marissa Peet

Trophy Donor-Friends of 4-H

Best of Breed Lamandra-Hannah Spicer

Trophy Donor-Cathy  Amend

Best of Breed Nigerian Dwarf-Inanna Mysliwiec

Trophy Donor-The DuBoy Family

Best of Breed Nubian-Marissa Peet

Trophy Donor-Hinz Sight Goat Dairy

Best of Breed Saanen-Ada Sylvester

Trophy Donor-Kathy Craigmile

Best of Breed Toggenburg-Ava Sylster

Trophy Donor-The DuBoy Family

Best of Breed Fiber Goats-Abigail Skillman

Trophy Donor-The Dairy Committee

Milk Production Winner-Hannah Spicer

Trophy Donor-Rogacki Family

Best Doe in Show-Ava Sylvester



Department H-Meat/Market Goat Show

Meat Goat Master Showman-Hannah Spicer

Meat Goat Reserve Showman-Racheal Paddock

Meat Goat Best in Show-Abigail Paddock


Market Goat Master Showman-Rebekah Spicer

Reserve Master Showman-Hannah Spicer

Grand Champion Market Goat-Phobe Conklin

Trophy Donor-The Spicer Family

Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat-Cyrus Olin


Department H-Dairy Showmanship

Master Showman-Grace Stroud

Trophy Donor-John & Betty Emerling

Reserve Champion Master Showman-Tucker True

Trophy Donor-The Stroud Family

Junior Champion Showman-Taryn True

2017 Department H Dairy Show

Supreme Champion-Elizabeth Peila

Trophy Donor-Nelson&Kay Todd

Junior Supreme Champion-Ashton Wilcox

Trophy Donor-Out on a Limb Maple Farms LLC

Grand Champion Ayrshire-Ashton Wilcox

Trophy Donor-Cory & Maryann and Almeter

Grand Champion Brown Swiss-Andrew Newell

Trophy Donor-Jeff & Stacia True

Grand Champion Jersey-Rebecca Stroud

Trophy Donor-Niagara Frontier Jersey

Grand Champion Grade Jersey-Jenna Brace

Trophy Donor-Roger & Debbie Ellis & family

Grand Champion Milking Shorthorn-Elizabeth Peila

Trophy Donor-4-H Dairy Committee

Grand Champion Holstein-Elizabeth Peila

Trophy Donor-Wyoming County  Holstein Club

Grand Champion Grade Holstein-Addison Harkins

Trophy Donor-Vigortone Products

Best Animal Bred by Exhibitor,Sr.-Angela George

Trophy Donor-Nelson & Kay Todd

Best Animal bred by Exhibitor,Jr.-Elora Washington

Trophy Donor-Dr. Tony Wiseley







WNYGS Annual Open Show 2017

Grand Champion Spike-Heather Frost

Reserve Grand Champion-John Stenson

AAA Grand Champion-Ken Learn

AA Grand Champion-Ken Learn

Oldest Cultivar-Norma Spencer

All American Champion-Ken Learn

Flower Garden Basket Champion-Norma Spencer

Corsage Champion-Norma Spencer

NAGC Arrangement Award-Beth Lamb

Lawrence R. Ruppert Memorial Seedling Award-Megan Lamb

George Couture Memorial Miniature Award-Kristine Spencer

John Spencer Memorial Basket Award-Norma Spencer


WNYGS Annual Youth Show

Grand Champion Spike-Katrina Zelinski

Reserve Grand Champion Spike-Jessica Perry

Corsage Champion-Katie Fisher

Best Arrangement Award-Petyton Mest



4-H Senior Beef and Dairy Showmanship

Senior Beef and Dairy Beef Showmanship:Trophy sponsored by John and Anne good of Perry, in memory of Robert Good:
Mckenna Broughton

Junior Beef and Dairy Beef Showmanship: Show supplies sponsored by Pete and Kristi Broughton of Silver Springs:
Kaitlyn Broughton

Novice Beef and Dairy Beef Showmanship:Show supplies sponsored by the Harwood Family of Leicester:
Justin Baker

Super Showmanship:Trophy sponsored by the Steve Snider Family of Warsaw, in memory of Kelli:
McKenna Broughton

Junior Champion Female (Rossette)-Ashley Logsdon
Reserve Junior Champion Female (Rosette)-Evan Kingdon
Senior Champion Female (Rosette)-Cole Hudson
Reserve Senior Champion Female (Rosette)
Grand Champion Female (Rosette)-Maria True
Grand Champion Female (Rosette)Ashely Logsdon
Reserve Grand Champion Female (Female)Evan Kingdon

Grand Champion Beef Bred Steer: Trophy donated by Brook Overlook Farm,the Wolcott Family of Perry:

Trey Driver

Grand Champion Dairy Steer: Trophy donated by Bay View Farm, Rob & Melanie Simmons Family of Warsaw

Marcus Pingrey

2017 Rabbits and Cavies 4-H Department

Best Pet Cavy
Aurora Myslewiec from Gainesville

Best of Show Cavy
Erika Conrad from Attica
Trophy Donor-Ellen Chandler in Memory of Bob Chandler

Junior Rabbit Showmanship
Harley Miller
Trophy Donor-Merlau Brothers Dairy Farm

Senior Rabbit Showmanship
Morgan Milhollen
Trophy Donor-Rabbit Ears 4-H Club

Best of Show Rabbit
Jacquelyn Szucs from Gainesville
Trophy Donor-Reisdorf Brothers in North Java

Best Reserve Rabbit
Jacquelyn Szucs from Gainesville
Trophy Donor-Maplewood Farms in Attica

Best Pet Rabbit
Katie Fisher from Warsaw
Trophy Donor-Sinclair Pharmacy in Warsaw

Novice Rabbit Showmanship
Brooke Jurek

2017 Dept J Farm Products

Grand Champion-Potatoes

Reserve Grand Champion-Potatoes

Grand Champion-Vegetables

Reserve Grand Champion-Vegetables

Grand Champion-Apple Plate

Reserve Grand Champion-Apple Plate

Grand Champion-1st Cut Alfalfa

Grand Champion-Corn more than 90 days

Grand Champion-1st Cut


Grand Champion-Shreadlage



Maple Products

Best of Show

Grand Champion

Reserve Champion





2018 Dept X Garden Tractor Pull

Stock off the Lawn
1.Keegan Baker- Gainesville

1.Destiney Gebauer-Castile

Sport Stock
1.Frank Burkett from Grand Island

Stock Altered
1.Paul VanValkenburg-LeRoy

1. Kyle Carmichael-Cowelsville

Pro Stock
1. Georgie Miller-Cowelsville

Super Modified
Tom Ronson from Middleport

Stock V-8
1.Cody Wise-Nunda

V-8 Mini Rod